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  • Krakowskie Przedmieście 58/5c, Lublin, 1st floor
  • +48 509 364 741, +48 506 540 636
  • 81 442 58 50

Foreign clients

Foreign clients

One of key areas of our practice is providing legal services to foreign clients, in particular when they wish to start and conduct business activity in Poland. We advise on the best form of business (sole trader, partnership, company), we take the client through all stages of setting up the business and then we assist our client in every event requiring legal help.

We also handle cross-country disputes and cooperate with foreign lawyers. Our specializations are: international transport law, international commercial contracts, foreigners’ rights. We communicate and provide legal advise in English, Russian and French.

Recently we dealt with the following matters:

  • setting up LLC and LTD in Poland with Ukrainian and Russian shareholders;
  • acquiring the land for a foreigner;
  • obtaining Polish citizenship;
  • employment without work permit;
  • how to import natural fertilizers into Poland?
  • what are safe ways to invest in Poland for the citizens of Ukraine?
  • how to obtain permission for residence in Poland?
  • seeking the compensation for unjust arrest in the Polish court;
  • debt collection for a German company in Poland.




Anna Celińska-Banaszek

attorney at law

Contact: e-mail
mobile: +48 506 540 636
Skype: anna_cb

Magdalena Piskorska-Szczepaniuk

attorney at law

Contact: e-mail
mobile: +48 509 364 741
Skype: magdapiskorska


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